Life, fear is tired heart, pain is tears. Belong to their own scenery, never miss, not their own scenery, always just passing by. Heaven and earth are too big, people are too small, not every beautiful scenery can have. In my life, I only want to have a scenery that makes me linger and never leave. Every heart, there is an irreplaceable feeling and a landscape is always connected, the scenery of life, is a thing is also a person. Born in the world, everyone inevitably has to experience a cold wind and bitter rain. Every time we walk a section of the road, we will meet a ridge, either high or low. Every experience, will grow once, or more, or less. Every time you move, you will get hurt once, deep or shallow. Every time I listen to a song, I will be moved, worried or happy. The reef can't stop the river flowing eastward, and sorrow can't cover the time. In our life, how many ditches and ridges we have to cross alone, and how many regrets we have left for the years. All the way to pursue, busy, separated from each other, passers-by in a hurry; encounter, in and out, bitter, hot, sour and sweet, joy and sorrow. Gorgeous flowers, mature body and mind, from years of honing, people relax, heart level, let life relaxed, let life rich. Living is a kind of practice. It is full of vitality everywhere. It is spring every day. Life has no hypothesis, no if, the past is forever, the present is all. With a common heart, ordinary life, dream of their own dreams, think of their own thoughts, love their own love. Cherish the happiness around you, appreciate your own possession, let go of those who can't recite, despise those who can't afford to hurt, let go of those who can't think of it, and heal those who can't hate it. Life is not easy, life is not long, why to use unnecessary troubles to practice yourself and hurt the years. We should be more relaxed and open-minded. In the years, people rush to make progress, sweat all over the bumps, and fatigue all over their faces. In this world, people are looking forward to the good, looking forward to the good, rarely achieve what they want. Tired quietly hidden in the bottom of my heart, painful silent tears, how many unspeakable pain, gently released in tears. Life, that is, think of good, unconsciously slowly changed, said good, walking to do gradually changed. When the dust settles and the times change, you understand the mistakes and feel sorry. When things are different, you understand the fault and feel sorry. It turns out that when things come to an end, all exclamations turn into scars, and when feelings come to an end, all emotions turn into pain.